Monday, September 23, 2013

Southern Hospitality

Why hello family and friends,
I bet everyones week has been fantastic! Can I just say that I love southern hospitality. There are so many genuine people here!
We met an older couple this last week while walking down the street. They invited us into their home and we chatted with them. They told us they are hard core baptist, and weren't going to change. We respected that and had a nice conversation about what we believe. Before we left they invited us to come over for dinner sometime this week. They also told us that if we ever needed anything that they would help us. Everyone here is always watching out for us. They are so generous and kind. I love the people here! One lady we talked to was like I respect all of you for doing the Lords work, and I am not going to change my religion but here is 100 dollars. We can't accept money since it is a rule, but that was really generous!
I am pretty sure I know how to roll cigarettes now. We have less actives that we visit, and they all roll their own cigarettes. One lady explained how you do it and showed us. It was funny. 

You all know how klutzy I can be. Well lets just say I am pretty dumb sometimes when it comes to riding my bike. I have ran into so many poles, curbs, and construction signs it is not even funny. People probably think that I am a drunk person riding a bicycle. I don't mean to run into things but sometimes I just don't see them. Most of the time I am distracted and that is why I run into things. I am just fine and I have no broken bones, so no need to worry about me.
We have videos in our apartment that we can give out to people, and Sister Peterson and I haven't seen some of them. Well we decided that every Friday we are going to have "date night" haha! We eat our dinner while watching one of the videos. It is hilarious and great! One of them is called together forever. It is the cheesiest video I have ever seen!
We stopped and talked to this 28 year old guy, and boy was it an interesting conversation. He told us he was in prison for a while and that they had a Book of Mormon in the prison. He  said he studied it and told us what he thought. He told us all the things he thought were weird or wrong about our religion. He wouldn't let us get a word in so we just listened. We said a few things, but he didn't care what we had to say. He asked us how long we had been Mormon. We both said that we were raised in it. He said he was sorry that we had been raised in it and then proceeded to tell us of how our religion was a cult. Well then he told Sister Peterson that she had no hope of getting out of the cult and that she was to deep into it. He then looked at me and told me that I was still searching for the truth and that I had hope of getting out of the cult. He was strange. Don't worry everyone I have hope of getting out of the "cult". Haha! Yea definitely wouldn't be on a mission if I was still searching for the truth. People have some strange opinions on things though.

We found an investigator tracting this last week named Mattie. She is this adorable old lady that is in her eighties. We taught her the first lesson, and I committed her to baptism. It was crazy because she said yes! That was awesome! We met with her again, and she knows the Book of Mormon is true, but she won't come to our church. Se doesn't fully understand everything yet, so we are working with her. 
We have another investigator named Debbie. Debbie is in her fifties. She is single, in her fifties, and has had a rough life. She is so strong though for what she has gone through. We have taught her three lessons and she is so solid! She has a such a desire to learn more, and she understands everything. She can't see very well so we are getting her a large print Book of Mormon. I know she will get baptized. She is constantly telling us how we are blessings in her life. She is going to come with us to the general relief society meeting so she can meet other sisters from the branch.
Okay so it kills me to see how some people live, and what they go through sometimes. One investigator that we have was sitting on her front porch as we were riding by, so we stopped and talked to her. Well she was crying and she told us how her husband is abusive and she showed us her bruises. It killed me to have to hear that. She is an awesome person and does not deserve that. I hope she gets out of the situation somehow. She has five children too, so hopefully everything works out. On the positive side she hasn't put down the Book of Mormon and loves reading it! She remembers everything she has read too! It is crazy! I hope that things work out and that her life will turn around for the better.
Well that is about it for now! Things here in Somerset Kentucky are fantastic! The people are great, the weather is great, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is great!

Have a great week everyone!
I am going to do a challenge of the week for everyone back home.
CHALLENGE: This week I want everyone to think of one person. Take the person that you thought of and do random acts of service all week for that person. I am sure by the end of the week you will like or love that person a lot more than you did before.

I love you all!!
Sister Breanna Bradley

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