Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chivalry isn't dead!

Well Hi everyone. It isn't p-day but we don't really get one since we are flying on monday. We leave the MTC at 3:30 a.m. to the airport. We fly out at 7:30 from SLC. We get into Atlanta at 11 or so. Then we land in Louisville at 4:30. I don't know for sure when I will call but it will probably be in the morning before we get on the plane, so before 7.

This week has been spiritually awesome! We seriously have the best elders in our zone ever!! Story time!!!
 We had a devotional at the marriot center Tuesday night at 7. It was everyone in the whole MTC that went. Guess who spoke??? It was Elder Anderson from the 12! It was an awesome talk!! We walked to the devotional and it is about a 25 minute walk from west campus. Well after the devotional was over they made us sit and sing  for a while because I guess there was lightning and thunder outside. After that went away they let us go. Well it was pouring rain!! We literally stepped outside with our zone and all the elders gave up their suit coats for us to use! It was great! Yes we got drenched but it was fun! They also never let us open any doors, and never let us take our trays at meal times to the garbage. They are just great!

     Well we taught our real investigator who are people hired by the MTC on monday night. some of them are real investigators, but most are members just acting. Well Sister Hall and I got a real one. They aren't allowed to tell us but we just knew. The first lesson went awful! We left there very hopeless. Well we worked hard and the next one was great and we helped her with her PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) She really has it. When we showed up the 2nd time she was having a mental breakdown. She told us an emergency phone number to call in case anything happened. It was scary. Well we got her relaxed and having a good time, so we didn't share much with her that night we just got to know her. Well last night we taught Leah for the last time. She wrote us notes thanking us for everything we did for her. We sang songs and did our lesson. When we were done we bore our testimonies and she totally felt the spirit it was awesome! She is christian and says that Jesus Saved her. She is the director of her singing group for church. She is a really great singer and plays the guitar., She made us sing with her to a song she wrote that is amazing grace mixed with another song. It was different but awesome! haha. She had us write down our e-mails, so she could keep in contact with us. At the end we had her pray and when she prays she asks us what we want to pray for and writes it down. That is what they do in her church I guess. Well during the prayer she said that she had felt something different tonight with us and was grateful for the happy feeling she felt. I was pumped when she said that! Since she has PTSD she blocks out all feelings because if she lets in positive ones that bad ones come in too and over power her good ones. We are so happy we got her to feel something! It was the best feeling ever. After we left all I could do was be thankful to be a missionary. These are the experiences that make this church so true! Seriously most spiritual experience ever. I cried with joy! She told us she loved us and was so grateful for us. I hope that one day she gets baptized and converted to this true gospel.

   Well that is about it for the week! Today is the last day of classes and then one more full day until I am out in the field!! CRAZY!!! 

especially you mom!

Sister Bradley

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