Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The First Letter

Well Hello friends and family! 

BEST DAY EVER!! I SAW ELDER HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!! He came to the west campus to just check it out. 

Things here at the West MTC are fantastic! I am on the west campus, so I live in the Wyview apartments. They are nice! It is 2 girls per room and there are two rooms. It is way nice because we have a lot of space! The food here is okay...some days are better then others. We only get gym time for an hour each day, so I enjoy and use every second of it haha! My companions name is Sister Cannon Hall. She has an awesome first name! She is great! The majority of the time we are thinking or saying the same thing it is funny. She is so strong spiritually. Sometimes she talks and I just sit there like uh.... what did you just say. It goes up and over my head. She is from Southern California (fallbrook). She is short with short blonde hair and is a total nerd sometimes. She is going into ancient near eastern studies. It is like archeology/egyptology. pretty much she knows all the history and everything about egypt! it is really cool though! Sister Hall and I were called as the sister training leaders on Thursday. It is pretty much zone leaders for all of the sisters in are zone/branch. We love it! we get to visit all the sisters every night and make sure everyone is doing okay. Unfortunately we also have to make sure they are being obedient and we have to tell them when they aren´t. We had meetings all day yesterday because of it. Literally in meetings from 8-8. It was great though! I am learning soooooooooooooo much it is awesome! The spirit is so strong here I love it! We are in class with our district most of the day, we have personal study, companion stuff, and teaching investigators. My district is four sisters and three elders. Sister Hall and I, Sister Phillips (the one from facebook), Sister Ewell, Elder Staheli, Elder Geary, and Elder Beecroft. All of them are awesome! Sister Phillips has been really homesick and wanted to go home yesterday. It was devastating! she is so awesome I just want her to focus on learning and feeling the spirit instead of focusing on home. She is a lot better today though! I think it is because we got to go to the temple this morning. There are 4 districts in our zone that are going to Louisville Kentucky! Yea all of us are in the same zone/branch. There are 14 of us sisters. We have the most awesome branch president!!! He is a spiritual giant and his smile takes up his whole face its hilarious! I have learned so much from him its crazy! He was a seminary teacher at Orem High. He just retired though. His name is President Gublar. My teachers are awesome! My favorite one is Brother Balzer he is from Poky!! He went to Highland. I have learned a ton from him. I saw Brian Carter. So funny thing, seriously every single day until today we have been late to something because we have gone to the wrong building! The schedule is wrong about EVERYTHING! I can´t even tell you how many times we have gone to the wrong building or have been told the wrong thing. We just laugh because it is all of us not just a few. I got a huge rope burn on my neck from my laundry bag this morning! It is beautiful. Holy crap! Tell Alexa to be prepared. They give you a million and one talks about MODESTY! It is understandable, but they just give it to you flat out and aren t afraid to tell you if you are wearing something that is not approved. It is the branch presidency wives that tell you. They will just pull sisters aside and be like um you can´t wear this. We as Sister training leaders get the honor of telling any sisters in our zone if they are being immodest. I don´t really like that I have to because I feel bad. None of the sisters are being Immodest but it is just little things like your skirt needs to be 1 inch longer or you can´t wear that headband. 
The cupcakes were delicious we loved them!! We are always starving at night because we eat dinner at 4 and lets be honest the food does sort of stink. They only have 2 options at every meal since our cafeteria is smaller then the main campus. We are living out of our suitcases since we are only here for 11 days. We fly out on September 2 so next Monday at 7 so we leave here at 3 in the morning. So are district is really tight with the Las Vegas district. They are the only ones in our zone not going to Louisville that came here with us on Wednesday. They are all elders and we play volleyball during gym time and its hilarious! We are all going to e-mail each other since we can because were not in the same mission. Okay well that is all I have time for!!

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