Monday, November 4, 2013


I hope everyone had a fantastic HALLOWEEN!!
Halloween here got cancelled because of the weather. There was a storm that came through with a ton of wind and rain. They did trick or treating on Friday night instead. We weren't allowed to be out on the night they did trick or treating, so we went to a members house to have dinner. Half the branch was there, so it was fun.
The Hensleys moved this week. NOOOOOOOO! It was very depressing, and makes me never want to be transferred. haha. I did not like saying goodbye to them because they are so awesome. They told me I could come live with them for a few weeks when I get home. Brother Hensley told me that he will teach/tell me how I can become a millionaire. ha! I wouldn't mind that. They are so great! They moved down to Fort Lauderdale Florida (I don't know how to spell that). 
Brittany is doing really well! I seriously love her so much. She bore her testimony yesterday at church, and it was so cool. She also got her dad to come to church with her. What an amazing example she is to her friends and family. We made invitations for her baptism last night with her family. It was really fun, and her family is great!
It was our turn to teach Sunday School this week at church because we switch off with the Elders. Well, we also had to teach relief society. The relief society president called us Saturday night at 10:26 to ask us. I was excited to teach, but it was a little stressful. I like to be prepared, and we didn't have much time. The lesson went really well though, and everyone particapated.
When we contacted at the zombie walk a couple weeks ago I met a girl named April. We met with her this week, and she came to Church. That is a big deal, because we struggle getting people to church here. We haven't even taught her the first lesson yet. I am excited to get to know her more, and teach her.
Since we had weekly planning and Halloween on Friday we only had 3 1/2 hours to work. Sister Petersons bike is broken, so we were walking too. Well, we got two new investigators and a bunch of other awesome things happened all in those 3 1/2 hours. What is cool is we didn't even really tract or contact to get those investigators. We were walking to an apartment complex to go tracting. We saw this house on one street, and decided to try it first. There is one new investigator. Then we kept walking and decided to try this other house on another street. There is the second new investigator. It was crazy! we seriously only tried two houses on two different streets and got two new investigators.  There were a lot of houses on each street too. The Lords  hand really is in every aspect of our life.
Brother Alexander is the old guy in the nursing home that we visit every week. It was his Birthday this week. We took him a cupcake and card for his Birthday! He loved it so much. We went on Wednesday as a district to celebrate his birthday as well. He started crying because he was so happy. He couldn't express enough thanks for all  that we do for him. It was so touching. He is such an awesome guy! I love visiting with him every week. 
There is a sewage leak somewhere in Somerset. They can't find it, so it stinks so bad. It literally smells like a port- a- potty. It only smells in the downtown area, and the worst smells are in the pit where we live. I can't express enough of how much I love walking through the smells of peoples waste (SARCASM). It is really funny though that they can't find the leak. I hope they can find it soon. 
I hope you all have a great week!!! 
Sister Bradley 

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