Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Well everyone....

It was so so cool to see her get baptized yesterday!! She was so excited! Lets be real, so was I! haha. The spirit was so strong during the baptism! There was also over 60 people there, so we didn't have enough seats! Everything about it was great!

I love GUMBO. Yea I know, you never thought I would say that. This family in our branch made gumbo for after the baptism. It was so good! It was spicy though. It was still delicious!!
We are still working with April. She is the 25 year old with a 5 year old daughter named Zuleima. April is so cute and I just love her. She came to church with her daughter yesterday. She  has come to church twice but we haven't even taught her that much. It is funny because she has asked a million questions though. I know that one day she will be baptized. Hopefully soon!
We are starting to work more with Jenny and her family. She is the one who owns the Yoga studio. They are the Watkins, and they are super duper nice and great! They found out that I did gymnastics and want to take me to their friends Gym next Monday. They want to take me, so they can see me jump on the tramp and tumble. I doubt I would be able to show them anything good. It has been a while. haha  It was funny! . I won't mind if we go to a Gym though! I would actually be super pumped! We will see though.
After district meetings on Wednesdays we go out to eat usually. We went to a new place called tracks end. Well they have this omelet called the HOBO. It is a dozen eggs with hashbrowns, bacon, ham, cheese, peppers, and who knows what else. Two of the elders in our district got it! It was massive! I sent a picture of it. They had to eat it in 30 minutes or they had to pay for it! One elder finished it, but the other didn't. It was gross though! I don't know how the one elder did it!
Well that was about it for the week! Super busy and starting to get cold! It is weird because the temperature isn't too bad. The humidity on the other hand is awful. It makes the cold ten times worse. The cold just goes through all the layers of clothing! haha.
I hope you all have a great week! Happy Veterans day! Thank you to all of our troops!
Love you all!
Sister Bradley

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